Smith on Beloved Doctor Who Episode ‘Vincent and the Doctor

Bill Nighy has shared a funny anecdote about his time on Doctor Who in a video for Vanity Fair. Nighy appeared briefly as Dr. Henry Black in season 5, episode 10, "Vincent and the Doctor", in which the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond take a trip to 1890 to check on Vincent van Gogh (Tony Curran) after noticing a strange face in one of his paintings. Nighy says that the episode’s writer, Richard Curtis, was the reason he was offered the role of museum curator Black. He also reveals that his offhand mention of a polka dot bow tie led the wardrobe crew to sew the dots on one by one. When Matt Smith, whose Doctor character had an affinity for bow ties, heard about the extra work, he told Nighy "I’d sew shit on your tie".