San Francisco Bike Tours: The Perfect Way to See the City

San Francisco is a city with a lot of traffic and limited parking, making it a less-than-ideal destination for those planning to drive. As a result, public transportation, bike rentals, and bike tours are highly recommended. Before you embark on your biking adventure, consider a few tips. Firstly, electric bikes with pedal assistance are ideal if you plan to take on the famous San Francisco hills. Secondly, be sure to check the weather forecast and dress in layers. Lastly, if you’re planning on staying for several days, consider taking a combined tour, especially if Alcatraz tickets are sold out.

There are a variety of options for bike rentals and tours in San Francisco. San Francisco Bicycle Rental offers both electric and regular bike rentals, with the electric bike rental being the best option for a full day of exploring. For those with less time, two- or four-hour rentals are available. San Francisco Bike Tours offers a range of tours, including a three-hour Golden Gate to Sausalito tour, a six-hour guided tour of the city’s main attractions, and a three-hour sunset bike tour. Those who want more freedom can opt for self-guided bike tours, with instructions and information provided. For those looking to combine bike tours with other activities, there are several options, including a guided bike tour and visit to Alcatraz in two days, a guided bike tour and visit to Alcatraz at sunset in two days, and a day trip to Sausalito by bike and shuttle to Muir Woods.

When selecting a rental or tour, be sure to review the options to determine what is included, such as the selection of bikes available and whether or not a lock is provided. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect bike rental or tour to explore all that San Francisco has to offer.