Rescue dog with one ear paints his way into adoption

Van Gogh creates impressionist art by licking a canvas. (Image credit: @dog_rates/Twitter)

Van Gogh is a rescue dog who was rescued from a North Carolina fighting ring and has recently been adopted by a woman named Jessica in Norwalk, Connecticut. Van Gogh was previously under the care of Orange County Animal Services, where he was saved from a dog-fighting ring where he was used as bait. As a result of his time in the fighting ring, Van Gogh suffered a badly injured ear flap that had to be removed, leaving him with only one ear.

Jessica, Van Gogh’s new owner, hopes to continue the dog’s passion for painting in order to raise money for pet rescue organization Happily Furever After. Van Gogh’s paintings are currently being auctioned off as part of a silent auction to raise funds for the rescue. The adoption will be officially announced on Tuesday, following the completion of the online auction.