LEGO’s Ideas Line: Incredible Take on Van Gogh’s Starry Night

LEGO has always encouraged boundless imagination and creativity since its inception in 1932. To further fuel this spirit, LEGO joined forces with Cuusoo System in 2008, granting fans the opportunity to bring their own designs to life through the Ideas line. Fans worldwide can share their ideas, and supporters can vote for the sets they want to see produced. Upon reaching 10,000 supporters, the LEGO team reviews the project and decides whether to bring it to market.  There are a lot of the best sets though 15 years of LEGO Ideas.

While LEGO has created stunning display pieces through its official sets and fan designs, its interpretation of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night takes things to a new level. The surreal work’s brick form vividly captures Van Gogh’s brushstrokes and adds another layer to the masterpiece. The set includes a Van Gogh minifigure with a paintbrush, palette, and easel featuring a picture of the oil-on-canvas painting, recreating the scene of the artist crafting the famous work.