Indulge in Nava’s Unique and Memorable Culinary Journey

Anushka Pathak has recently opened Nava, an innovative ingredient-driven restaurant in the suburban capital of Mumbai, Bandra.   Nava celebrates the essence of an Ambrosian meal through its focus on ingredients that are intrinsic to a memorable dining experience.   These ingredients, which are primarily sourced from various regions of India but also appear in Modern European cuisine, are used to create a refreshing culinary approach at the restaurant.

The menu at Nava pays tribute to the restaurant’s name, which translates to “new, recently created, invented, innovative,” by using a range of ingredients to create dishes that are unique and evolving.   The dessert menu, in particular, stands out with its offering of an edible version of Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” painted on canvas with jasmine custard and passionfruit jelly alongside other offerings such as  Tadgola.


Founder Anushka Pathak views Nava as a new beginning, an opportunity to express her passion and craft through food.   She aims to create an intimate and memorable culinary experience for guests at the restaurant.   Nava is now open to the public in Mumbai and invites diners to try its innovative approach to ingredient-driven cuisine.