Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Comes to Chengdu

"Van Gogh Alive," an immersive exhibit featuring the art of Vincent Van Gogh, is currently on tour in Chengdu, China. Using over 40 high-definition digital projection screens, the exhibit brings Van Gogh’s nearly 3,000 works of art, manuscripts, and letters to life through a digital, immersive light and shadow display.

The exhibit has toured over 30 countries and 80 cities worldwide, including Paris, London, and Tokyo, and arrived in China last year with Beijing as its first stop. Immersive exhibits like "Van Gogh Alive" have gained widespread attention in recent years as both popular social media destinations and valuable trends in the cultural industry.

The Chengdu Cultural Tourism Investment Group, the Chinese touring host of the exhibit, hopes that it will inspire more people to appreciate the beauty of art and showcase Chengdu’s cultural and creative strength to the world.