Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit Extended in London, Ontario

As public interest in the Imagine Van Gogh immersive exhibit in London, Ontario continues to grow, the company has announced that the exhibit will be extended for an additional three weeks. Originally scheduled to end on January 8th, the exhibit will now run until January 29th at 100 Kellogg Lane. The decision to extend the exhibit was made due to the high demand for tickets, with over 40,000 having been sold in the Forest City since October.

The exhibit, created by artistic directors Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, features 200 of Van Gogh’s paintings projected in fine detail on the walls. It includes classic pieces such as Starry Night, as well as lesser-known works by the famous artist. Visitors to the exhibit can experience the beauty and emotion of Van Gogh’s paintings in a whole new way, immersing themselves in the vibrant colors and intricate details of his work.

Overall, the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit has been a hit in London, with many people eager to see the famous artist’s work in a new light. The decision to extend the exhibit will allow even more people the opportunity to experience the beauty of Van Gogh’s paintings.