Discover the Iconic Sunset Strip in Los Angeles

The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is a 1.5-mile section of the famous Sunset Boulevard, which runs from inland Los Angeles to Highway 1. It is located in West Hollywood, between Sierra Drive and Crescent Heights Boulevard, and is known for its tourist attractions, historically significant establishments, and iconic status in the music and entertainment world. It began making a name for itself in the 1920s when many restaurants and nightclubs opened, turning it into a hub of Los Angeles nightlife. Its success is also attributed to its geographical location, as it was outside the city limits and able to take advantage of a less rigid application of the then-restrictive rules on gambling and alcohol distribution.

The easiest way to get to the Sunset Strip is by car, although there are buses that pass through West Hollywood (Metro line 2). Finding free parking in the area is not easy, and most clubs or restaurants have their own parking lot with valet service. However, there are some cheap solutions in the area, and some places offer free parking for one or two hours. Once on the Sunset Strip, visitors can walk along the street or take advantage of the Sunset Trip, a free trolley offered by the city of West Hollywood that passes every 15 minutes and makes numerous stops along the Strip.

There are many famous hotels and historic venues on the Sunset Strip, including the Chateau Marmont, which was built in 1929 and has been used as a set for many Hollywood films. The Sunset Tower Hotel, the first skyscraper built on the Sunset Strip, became a destination for almost all Hollywood stars in the 1930s. In terms of shopping, there are elegant boutiques, and in terms of dining, there are many famous restaurants. Visitors may also have a high probability of seeing Hollywood stars while on the Sunset Strip. It is an unmissable destination during a Los Angeles trip and offers so many stories and anecdotes to tell that it has become an undisputed symbol of the city.