Claude Monet’s Letter in Pourville-sur-Mer Up for Auction in Paris

Claude Monet’s “Letter to Pourville” is up for auction in Paris.

The letter, written by Claude Monet to his friend and fellow artist Eugène Boudin, is dated August 23, 1867. It is a four-page letter, written in pencil on both sides of the paper. In it, Monet describes his recent painting trip to the Normandy coast, where he stayed in the village of Pourville-sur-Mer.

“I’ve just returned from Pourville where I’ve been painting for the last few days,” Monet writes. “The light there is wonderful and the sea air is so invigorating.”

Monet goes on to describe the difficulties of painting outdoors, and how he has to “struggle with the wind and the waves.” But he says it is all worth it for the “pleasure of painting nature.”

The letter will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s in Paris. It is expected to fetch between €20,000 and €30,000.